2.1. Convenience functions

Call waiting and toggling (switching)

1. If you are already in a call, the line  is displayed as busy. Next to it, you will find free lines between  and  .

2. To establish a second call click on the free line icon or click on the query icon  and dial the telephone number.

3. If you are receiving a call from a second person a line icon will flash and the call waiting tone will sound. Click on the flashing icon or on the key  in order to accept the call.

4. You will now be able to switch between the calls by clicking on the line icons. The current call will be indicated by a constantly lit icon and the waiting call(s) will be indicated by flashing icons. 

5. To end the call, click on  .


Unattended call transfer

Once you have accepted a call, you will see the transfer icon  displayed.

To perform an unattended call transfer: 

- Click on the transfer icon  during the call. The caller will be set on hold.

- Dial the telephone number to which you would like to transfer the call to.

- Click then on this key  .

The call will be transfered right away and your telephone is "free".

Attended call transfer

1. You have accepted a call and will see this icon  displayed. You wish to transfer the caller but would like to first announce the caller.

2. Click on the following icon  during the call. The caller will be placed on hold.

3. Choose the telephone number you want to transfer the call to.

4. After announcing the caller, click on  during the call with the target person to confirm the transfer.

5. Once you have ended the call with the target person, the telephone will establish the trasfer connection.

Conference call

If there are calls on more than one line (on hold or active), a simple click at the "conference" button  in the main navigation panel is sufficient to create a conference.

If you click at an unused line (a line that is idle) while being in a conference, e.g. to reply to an incoming call or to make a new call, all participants of the conference are set "on hold". By clicking at the "conference" button again , the conference between all active parties and the parties that had been "on hold" is reestablished.



With an incoming call click  in a call line window.

An incoming call can be ignored for one time with this function. The caller receives a "dial tone".


- If you want to mute your Softphone, click on  .
Your microphone is now desactivated and your dialogue partner cannot hear you. This icon  shows you that the microphone is set on mute.

- To activate your microphone, click again on  .

The microphone is now active, your partner can hear you.


- By clicking the  key, you will access the phone book. This allows you to quickly access your contacts and view your call log.

- In order to access the contacts, change to the tab "Contacts". The preconfigured contact group "Function keys" includes all contacts that you have configured to your function keys. You have no possibility to edit this contact group or to add contacts manually.

You can edit your function keys via Ncontrol.


Phone book / Call history

By clicking on  , you access the phone book. You can check the contacts or the call history

In case the icon  flashes at regular intervals, you have unanswered calls in your call history. 

You can set such filters as "incoming", "outgoing", "missed", "not reached" in your call history. By clicking on the "incoming" filter, you will see only the incoming calls from your history.  

By clicking on you can call back a number directly from your call history. To do that, click on the enty and then on this icon . Or double click on the entry in the history to make a call back.

By clicking on , you can delete an entry from the call history. By clicking , you can delete the complete call history.  

By clicking on , you can mark all missed calls as "seen".

Besides that, you have the possibility to mark / edit an entry / telephone number via the edit window or to call it directly.

Make calls directly out of the app

You can dial a telephone number out of any application that has a telephone number.

- Mark the telephone number and click on "pause" on your keyboard.

Microphone / speaker volume

You will find the volume control  for your microphone in the left top corner. 

You can adjust the volume via this controller.

Listening to the call

- In case you would like to listen to your call via the same audio device as your ring tone, click on the speaker symbol in your softphone.

The displayed icon changes over to .In order to change back to your previous setting, click repeatedly on the microphone icon. The icon changes over to the speaker icon and you will hear the call via the chosen audio output device.

Speaker volume

You will find the volume control  for your speaker at the top, middle.

Displaying the softphone ID

In case you need to find out the ID of your softphone, please click on  .

Shortcut Editor

The Softphone has a shortcut editor, which offers the possibility to define your own shortcuts.