4. Comfort features

Unattended and attended transfer

After the call has been accepted, please press the transfer key for call options.

  1. During the call, click on the transfer key.The caller is placed on “hold”.
  2. Now, dial the telephone number you wish to transfer to.
  3. Then click the transfer key. The call is immediately transferred and your line is “open” again.


After dialling the telephone number, you can also wait for the party to answer, in order to ask if the call should be transferred or for a general enquiry. To transfer the call, simply press the transfer key.

During the call phase, the party on hold is indicated by a red flashing line icon. You can return to this call at any time, by clicking on that line.


Conference call

If several lines are busy (“holding” or “speaking”), the calls can be merged into a conference call, by pressing the + key.

Pressing a yet open line during a conference call, e.g. due to an incoming call, all parties are placed on “hold”. Clicking the key again, restarts a conference with all lines in use. This can be repeated any number of times, including to speak with one of the individual parties.



Press the blue button, to always keep the iSoftPhone in the foreground.

If the iSoftPhone is the active application, you can use these keys.

Enter – answer calls.
Esc – can end an active call.
Backspace – can delete characters.
*, #, 0-9 – to enter telephone numbers.

Switch between the various views.

Cmd+K – Keypad
Cmd+B – Address book
Cmd+L – Recent calls
Cmd+, – Settings



This function is used to permanently block a caller. Calls from a blocked
number are automatically handled as “Do not Disturb”. To permanently block a
number, please proceed as in Chapter “2.2 Audio devices” in the “Preferences”.

Now, under the menu item “Privacy”, you can add the user name / telephone
number to the blocked list under “Blocked calls and messages”.Please click on
the “Plus icon” . This also shows a list of currently blocked numbers, also
with the option of removing them again (“Minus icon”) .



To ignore an incoming call, simply press the “End” key .This “ignores” incoming calls one time and the caller hears the usual ring tone.

Record call

When activating this feature, the caller must first agree to the call being recorded! The caller does not hear an acoustic signal indicating that a recording is being made!


Mute microphone

To “mute” your iSoftPhone, please press the “Mute microphone” key. The microphone is now muted and the other party is no longer able to hear you.  Press the key again, to cancel muting.


Phone book

The iSoftPhone automatically integrates the address book of the Apple OS X device in your client. This allows you to quickly access your contacts and place calls. The iSoftPhone also allows you to add new contacts (  ), delete existing contacts (  ) and edit them (  ).

You can also select various groups (e.g. all, work, private).

To access your phone book, click on the “Address book” icon . Double-click on the contact, to select it and select the respective telephone number.Then confirm this, to connect.


Call history

The call history (  ) provides an overview of outgoing, incoming and missed calls with the respective details (name, telephone number, date, time).To return a call, simply double-click on the entry and confirm the call.You are now connected.


Mute sound output

You have the option of muting the sound output during an active call.When using this function, you can no longer hear the other party.Click the button again, to cancel the function.


Alternate audio output

Use this function to switch to an alternate audio output. This allows you to place the call on speaker for example.To cancel this function, simply click on the button again.


Noise / echo reduction

Activate the Noise / Echo reduction function, to minimise interferences from background noise.