3. Basic functions

Starting up the application and function standby

  1. Connect the network and Internet and start the application.
  2. After registering to the system, the iSoftPhone indicates under which extension it is registered at NFON at the top left in yellow writing.

Outgoing call

  1. For internal calls, only enter the extension number and click on the  key.
  2. For external calls, enter the telephone number with the prefix 0 and click on the key.
  3. To end the call, click on the  key.

If you have dialled a wrong number, simply click on the  key. 

Incoming call

In addition to the ring tone, the iSoftPhone also indicates incoming calls visually.

  1. To answer the call, press the  key.
  2. To end the call, click on the  key.

If the telephone number is stored in the Mac address book, the contact name is shown.

To ignore an incoming call, click on the  key.


Call waiting and toggling (switching)

1. If you are already in a call, a line lights up in the middle.

2. To establish a second call, click on a free line icon, then dial the telephone number.


3. If you are also receiving a call from a second person, a line icon flashes and you can hear the call waiting tone. Click on the flashing line icon, to accept the call.

4. Now, you can switch between the calls by clicking on the line icons. The current call is indicated by a continuously lit line icon and the call(s) on call waiting by flashing line icons.

Grey – not active
Yellow – active (ready to dial)
Green – connected (call possible)
Red - hold
Line flashing green - incoming call
Line flashing red – busy

5. To end a call, click on the  key.