2. Changing or cancelling the registration of an extension

You have already configured the iSoftPhone for an extension and would now like to switch to a different extension.

1. To do so, please start the iSoftPhone and in the iSoftPhone menu item, select “Change Account...”


The following window will appear. Please choose here between

  • Create new extension 
  • Login with existing extension 
  • Logoff current extension

Please click "Cancel" to cancel the procedure.


2. As you logoff your current extension, the iSoftPhone confirms this with the following window:

  Your iSoftPhone has been successfully deregistered from the extension. Please click "Close". Afterwards, you'll be able to create another extension or to loggin an existing one. Then please click "Change Account..." as described above.


3. If you'd like to create another extension or to loggin an existing one immediately, please choose "Create new extension" or "Login with existing extension".