1. Introduction

Ncontrol allows you to customise the configuration of your extension. Small changes in the extension's configuration no longer need to be handled by the administrator. Every employee is enabled to configure his/her extension. 

Most important Ncontrol features

  • Create and manage individual call and queue profiles per extension
  • Manage multiple extensions
  • Access the telephone system’s main phone book
  • Add new phone book entries only visible to the extension
  • Stay up to date on news related to the telephone system
  • Link personal newsfeeds with RSS

You merely require your customer number (e.g.: K1234), your extension number (e.g.: 123) and your voicemail PIN (e.g.: 1234).

To use the web interface of Ncontrol, enter the following URL in your web browser: https://ncontrol.voip-centrex.dfn.de/.