2. Screen pop-up

Incoming calls are signalized by a pop-up window. The pop-up window makes it possible to quickly identify the caller.


Since the client refers to CRM tools like MS Outlook, callers can be shown with all known information filed in the tool. By clicking on the field Open Contact, the contact information from Outlook (or any other CRM tool refered to) is immediately shown.

Depending on which CRM application you integrate, you have the opportunity to get further information from the application about the caller, if the caller is filed within the CRM data base.


The visual display of the window can be customized.

- Click onto the  client symbol in your menu bar.

- Choose Screen pop-up and again Screen pop-up to get to the adminstration window.

  1. Mark whether you would like the pop-up to be shown and how many seconds it should appear. Enter the number of seconds the pop-up should appear.
  2. Determine position and size of the pop-up on your screen.
  3. Checking Use pictures, enables pictures assigned to the caller to be shown in the pop-up.