3.1. Initial setup

When accessing the voicemail system for the first time, you should also set up your personal voicemail

1. Press the mail box  key on the Unify OpenStage phone.

2. Select "Voicemail".

If you have missed calls and the messages key is flashing on the Unify OpenStage 15 and 20 you will be unable to access your Voicemail. The Voicemail system will again be available once the messages key is no longer flashing.

3. Now select "Call mailbox", "Voicemail?" or "Voicemail" regardless of your Unify OpenStage model.

4. Then select “0 Mailbox options“ to set up your mailbox.

5. Now dial “1“ to record a message in the event you cannot be reached.

6. Speak your message and press “#“ to stop recording.

7. Press “1“ to accept the recording, “2“ to replay the recording and “3“ to rerecord the message.

For more detailed information please refer to the voicemail leaflet.