2.3. Telephone lock

You have the option to protect your telephone from improper use by locking its keypad. I.e. with the keypad locked, no outgoing calls can be dialed. However, the keypad lock can be deactivated at any time.

To lock your snom telephone, press and hold the  key for several seconds. A “lock icon” in the display of your snom telephone indicates the telephone is locked.

To deactivate the keypad lock, press and hold the key again for several seconds. By default the keypad lock does require the VoiceMail-PIN.

To cancel the keypad lock entirely, please go to the web interface for your end device, by entering the device's IP adresse in any browser, and enter your personal PIN under Settings  Preferences Keypad Lock.

You can also change and deactivate your PIN there.

To set a PIN for unlocking, please go to the web interface for your end device and enter your personal PIN under:

Settings Preferences Keypad Lock

There, you can also change or deactivate your PIN.