2.2. Function keys & codes

The administration portal allows you to program function keys. For more detailed information, please refer to the administration portal manual.


Assigning the 4 keys shown above with LED corresponds to the first 4 assigned function keys configured via the service site. If none of the first four function keys are assigned, they can be used as line keys. I.e. pressing the key will open a new line.

Assignment of the function keys

Standard settings (i.e. no programming): Local Loop

Incoming calls are indicated respectively by the first LED (set to local loop) flashing.

  • When the call is answered the LED stays lit.
  • If a second call comes in during this call, the second LED flashes.
  • By pressing the key next to the flashing LED, the first call is automatically placed on hold and the second call answered.
  • You can now toggle between the calls by pressing the key next to the flashing or steady lit LED. In this manner, you can make a total of five calls at the same time.

Extension / telephone number

You can add any extension or telephone number to the busy lamp field.

- You can start a call by pressing the respective busy lamp key. If an internal extension is programmed, you can see whether that extension is currently busy:

  • If the LED next to the key flashes, the party receives a call.
  • If the LED is consistently lit, the party has answered a call and is currently busy.
  • If the LED next to the respective key flashes, you can take the call by pressing the respective key next to the flashing LED.


You can add any extension in the PBX system and then use this function key to directly communicate with this extension through the intercom. The other party must have the intercom activated on their device. Intercom refers to a conventional intercom system (similar to walkie-talkies) directly connecting you to the other party’s speaker by pressing the assigned function key.

Additional functions via * codes

Entering various codes (as listed on the following page) allows you to additionally program functions such as call transfer to the keys.To do so, simply enter the code with the desired number in the entry field.

Control codes allow direct access to the telephone system’s functions. The following codes apply:

Code Description
**## Restart devices, only for snom devices!
#+n Use outside line "n" to call the telephone number ("n" replaces the “0” otherwise required to access an outside line)
*1 Start and end voice recording (if this function is enabled for the extension)
*10+profile number Activation of the call forwarding profile
*11+TN Permanent call forwarding to telephone number (TN)
**11 Cancel permanent call forwarding
*12+TN If not available, forward to telephone number (TN)
**12 Cancel call forwarding if no answer
*13+TN If busy, forward call to telephone number (TN)
**13 Cancel call forwarding if busy
*14+TN If not registered, forward to telephone number (TN)
**14 Cancel forward if unregistered
*2+Speed dial Directly dial the extension/telephone number via speed dial
*3 Pick up the last call ringing in the pick-up groupe
*3+EXT Pick up call coming in to the extension (EXT)
*490 Activate call waiting
**490 Deactivate call waiting
*5 If busy, automatic callback activated
**5 If busy, automatic callback deactivated
*55 Specify primary device within a premium extension (Premium Package)

Call skill service nnnn

*73+nnnn1 Call eFax additional costs will occur
*74+nnnn1 Call time control nnnn
*75+nnnn1 Call group nnnn
*76+nnnn1 Call announcement nnnn
*77+nnnn1 Call queue nnnn
*78+nnnn1 Call conference service nnnn

*791 - Access voice mail for this extension with password

*791158 - Access voice mail for extension 158, with the password for 158!

*11*791 - Transfer your calls to your voice mail

*11*791158 - Transfer your calls to the voice mail of the extension 158

*792  Access voice mail entering extension number, e.g. for remote enquiry
*80 Activate intercom
**80 Deactivate intercom
*80+EXT Intercom to extension (EXT)
*84+nnnn1 Become member of the queue with service ID nnnn

Leave queue with service ID nnnn

*85 Echo extension

Block caller ID (CLIR)


Show main number as telephone number

**86 Show telephone number incl.direct dial (CLIP)
*87 Subscribe to Skill-set
**87 Unsubscribe to Skill-set
*9+Project Number Define a project number for outbound calls. (Note: The project number is only valid for the very next outbound call)
Function codes for conference rooms during an active conference.  
** Help
*2 Activate or deactivate mute
*3 Express your needs
*5 Activate or deactivate mute of all participant

Lock the conference

1) nnnn is the four digit Service ID with leading zeros (0). For example, in a callgroup, IVR, eFax, etc. This means: is the Service ID "1", "0001" must be entered when entering the function code.



Call forwarding to your mobile device number 0171 12345 with the function key 1

  • Push the Add-symbol.
  • Select function-key 1.
  • Enter *110017112345. (*11 for call forward, then 0 or 9 depending on the call number for external calls!).
  • Then confirm the line with the function-symbol.
  • Push the Confirm-symbol.

You can set another function key with *11 to deactivate the call forward.