1.4. Hold

  • Press the hold key / (on snom D735 and D785) to place the active call on hold.

Calls on hold are indicated in three ways:

  • by the display text
  • the slowly flashing green/red line LED (i.e., when the first four freely programmable function keys are not programmed; on snom D735 and D785 the LED flashes red only 
  • and with the continuous red call LED.

Calls on hold can now be transferred or other calls can be made or put on hold.

  • Press the hold key (on snom D735 and D785) or the respective line key, to return to the call on hold. If the party on hold hangs up while on hold, the connection is terminated.

Please click on the soft key "Hold" under the display to use "Hold" with snom D710/D712.