1.2. Outgoing call


  • When dialling an internal telephone number, only the extension needs to be entered.
  • When dialling external telephone numbers, you must first dial ‘0’, then enter the external number.

Selecting the audio component

1.) Receiver

  • Pick up receiver, enter number and press.
  • Enter number and pick up receiver.

2.) Headset

  • Enter number and press.

3.) Speaker / microphone

  • Press the speaker key to activate the speaker or the microphone respectively.Enter the number and press .

Dialling a number from the call lists

  • Go to “Lists” and select the respective list. Pressto open the desired list.
  • Select the number you would like to phone and confirm with .

Calling from the phone book

  • Press the phone book key.
  • Enter the initial letter of the name or additional letters as necessary. You can also use the arrow keys.
  • Press to select the respective number.