E. Where can you find help with your telephone system?


You can use various sources for help concerning your issues. Please use them in the order suggested here:


On voip-centrex.dfn.de you will find an overview of all documentation, downloads and portals as well as help pages and further information.


The home page of the service site contains various links to manuals, brief instructions, software downloads and templates. Please read these manuals thoroughly. They help you get the most out of your telephone system.

Support hotline for existing customers

Incident report for DFN customers:


Telephone ‌0800 2255742 3269
‌International ‌+49 6196 8025 2601
Via fax 0800 2255742 3999
Via email stoerungsmeldung(at)sprache.dfn(dot)de 

Important informationen for the Service Desk


1. Customer name: ‌ DFN Verein (Contractual partner of the DFN Verein)‌
2. Telephone number:  Area code with head number
3. Example error scenario:  Date, time, source number, destination number

Optional with VoIP:

- additionally send trace to service desk
- NFON PBX number K.. (for VoIP Centrex)


Support hotline for test customers

As a test customer, the detailed information is avaialable under https://voip-centrex.dfn.de/index.php?id=26621.