1. Notes

Please note that the video functionality is not supported.

Please note that uaCSTA (CTI) is available from formware 6.0.0.

The device was produced in accordance with the most common security standards. Nevertheless, note the safety guidelines in order to use the device securely. Please note the following safety guidelines to lower risk of burning, electric shocks, and similar risks.

General guidelines

1. Keep the device dry and clean at transport, storage, and usage.

2. Avoid collisions and drops of the device at transport, storage, and usage.

3. Do not open the device case and do not try to repair the device on your own.

Guidelines for usage and operation

1. Check whether the power supply voltage is in accordance with the device's voltage.

2. Pay attention to dry hands before using a cable.

3. Do not spill liquids on the device.

Guidelines for cleaning

1. Disconnect and unplug the device from the power supply before cleaning.

2. Use a soft, dry, antistatic cloth to clean the device.

Please find instructions on operation in the manufacturer's manual.