1.11. Call forwarding

You can configure various call forwarding scenarios. For this purpose you can use the call forwarding profiles.

Under the telephone menu you can only edit the default profle (catch all / always) to be found under the call forwarding profiles. You can edit the remaining call forwarding profiles via Ncontrol or via the administration portal. For more information, refer to the administration portal manual and the Ncontrol manual.

The following call forwarding options are available. You can activate or deactivate call forwardings via the telephone menu's call settings.

Permanent call forwarding (always)

All incoming calls will be forwarded directly to the predefined telephone number.

Forward if busy (busy)

New calls will be forwarded immediately, when coming in during an active call. This call forwarding option functions only, if the Call Waiting function is deactivated.

Delayed call forwarding (no answer)

Call forwarding condition: You do not answer the incoming call within a defined time period (timeout). The timeout can be set to 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds. Where should the incoming call be forwarded after the specified time has elapsed? The caller receives a call waiting signal and is then forwarded to the defined destination.

If unavailable (not registered)

The option functions only if the end device is not registered to the telephone system:

  • When the Internet connection fails or there is no LAN connection.


  • If “call forwarding …if unavailable” is programmed for a direct extension (e.g. extension 123 - John Doe) and a caller calls the direct dial number for the extension directly, call forwarding applies. If the extension is a member of a queue or a group and the queue or group receives a call, call forwarding for the individual extension no longer applies! In general, the destination should always be an available destination number. I.e., make sure that no voicemail or announcement comes on.

When disconnecting the connection between the end device and the telephone system, it can take up to 60 seconds for the call forwarding to work. Once the end device is reconnected to the telephone system, it can take up to 60 seconds for it to register.

Call forwardings can alternatively be activated through * codes:


*10 Activation of the call forwarding profile
*11 + destination Permanent call forwarding to telephone number
**11 Cancel permanent call forwarding
*12 + destination If no answer after a specific time, delayed call forward to telephone number
**12 Cancel delayed call forwarding
*13 + destination If busy, forward to telephone number
**13 Cancel call forwarding if busy
*14 + destination Call forwarding if unavailable
‌**14 ‌Cancel call forwarding if unavailable