1.1. Keys/Connections overview

Panasonic KX-UT248 (Front view)

LCD: 4,4 inches LCD
The KX-UT248 features a backlit LCD.
Confirms the selected entry.
Softkeys (S1 to S4)
To select the functions in the bottom line of the display.
Cancels the selected function.
Do not disturb (DND, forced busy)
Activates do not disturb (DND) for your extension. The telephone won’t ring, same as “for call forwarding... delayed” to the caller.
Accesses VoiceMail.
Conference call
To start a 3-way call.
Places a call on hold. When a call is placed on hold the “Hold” light flashes red.
Signal light message/call signal
The light flashes green with an incoming call.
The light is a steady red to indicate a voicemail message.
Mutes the microphone/receiver during a call.
Currently not definedMicrophone
Used for hands-free mode.
Receiver hook
Secures the receiver if the device is mounted on a wall.
Transmits a call to another party.
Freely programmable function keys
The light on the keys indicates their respective status.
Hands-free mode / Headset
The light on the keys indicates their respective status.
Page keys
Used to switch the page of flexible buttons displayed. There are three pages of eigtl flexible buttons.
Used to redial the last dialled number.
Navigation keys
For adjusting the volume or to select the desired entries.


Panasonic KX-UT248 (Back view):