3. Important notes

In order to use this IP telephone with your telephone system you will need a sound broadband connection

If you only have a single circuit plug available (e.g. in home offices) but you would like to be online with the laptop while using the Panasonic, you can connect the network cable (RJ45) to your Panasonic telephone and use the built-in switch on the telephone to connect your laptop directly to the telephone (except KX-UT113).

It is currently not possible, to connect corded headsets to the Panasonic telephone systems because they do not feature a headset softkey to activate the headset mode.The QD headset adapter cable allows corded headsets to be connected to the KX-UT113 and KX-UT123. Once the headset is connected it is active. Unfortunately, this eliminates use of the hands-free feature. I.e. without the headset connected the “Hands-free/headset key" is set to hands-free. With a headset connected, the “Hands-free/Headset key" is set to the headset and the hands-free function is not available.

When connecting a cordless Plantronics DECT headset to the KX-UT133 or KX-UT136, the “Hands-free” function will not work. When disconnecting the headset, the “Hands-free” function is again available for use.

On the KX-UT133 and KX-UT136 only 23 of the 24 function keys are available. The last function key is reserved as line key.

There is currently no CTI client available for Panasonic system telephones.

KX-UT113, KX-UT123, KX-UT133 and KX-UT136 do NOT support SRTP (voice encryption). SRTP is only available starting with the KX-UT2xx series.