1. Registering multiple bases

When registering multiple bases, be sure to always do so separately. This makes it easier to register the handsets to the base. That is, if you would like to register 24 handsets for example, you must have 2 bases. First, take base 1 and 12 of the 24 handsets. First, register base 1, then the 12 handsets, one after the other, to the telephone system and the base as described above. Once you have registered all 12 handsets, please turn off the first base and repeat these steps for the second base. That is, now register base 2 and the remaining 12 handsets to the telephone system and the base.

This prevents transmission interference or problems with assigning the handsets.

Before assigning the handsets to the bases, you first have to register

the bases and the individual handsets to the telephone system (see A.

Initial Operation / 2. Adding an extension). You can then assign the

handsets to the bases as described above.