2. Speed dial

You use the keys 0 to 9 on your handset as speed dials.

  1. To access the main menu, press "MENU".
  2. Scroll to “SPEED DIAL", then press null (MUTE).
  3. Now, select the speed dial key you would like to use (0 to 9) and confirm with null (MUTE).
  4. Now, enter the telephone number you would like to assign to this speed dial and confirm with null (MUTE).

The speed dial is now programmed.


To use the speed dial, you only need to change one more setting:

  1. Open the main menu by pressing "MENU".
  2. Scroll to “PROFILE SELECTION", then press null (MUTE).
  3. Scroll to “ADVANCED CONFIG.”,then press null (MUTE).
  4. Scroll to “ADVANCED KEY LONG” and press null (MUTE).
  5. Now, select “SPEED DIAL" and press null (MUTE).

You can now use the speed dial key to call the stored telephone number.