3.2. Function Keys & Codes

Control codes allow direct access to the telephone system’s functions. The following codes apply:

Code Description
**## Restart devices, only for snom devices!
#+n Use outside line "n" to call the telephone number ("n" replaces the “0” otherwise required to access an outside line)
*1 Start and end voice recording (if this function is enabled for the extension)
*10+profile number Activation of the call forwarding profile
*11+TN Permanent call forwarding to telephone number (TN)
**11 Cancel permanent call forwarding
*12+TN If not available, forward to telephone number (TN)
**12 Cancel call forwarding if no answer
*13+TN If busy, forward call to telephone number (TN)
**13 Cancel call forwarding if busy
*14+TN If not registered, forward to telephone number (TN)
**14 Cancel forward if unregistered
*2+Speed dial Directly dial the extension/telephone number via speed dial
*3 Pick up the last call ringing in the pick-up groupe
*3+EXT Pick up call coming in to the extension (EXT)
*490 Activate call waiting
**490 Deactivate call waiting
*5 If busy, automatic callback activated
**5 If busy, automatic callback deactivated
*55 Specify primary device within a premium extension (Premium Package)

Call skill service nnnn

*73+nnnn1 Call eFax additional costs will occur
*74+nnnn1 Call time control nnnn
*75+nnnn1 Call group nnnn
*76+nnnn1 Call announcement nnnn
*77+nnnn1 Call queue nnnn
*78+nnnn1 Call conference service nnnn

*791 - Access voice mail for this extension with password

*791158 - Access voice mail for extension 158, with the password for 158!

*11*791 - Transfer your calls to your voice mail

*11*791158 - Transfer your calls to the voice mail of the extension 158

*792  Access voice mail entering extension number, e.g. for remote enquiry
*80 Activate intercom
**80 Deactivate intercom
*80+EXT Intercom to extension (EXT)
*84+nnnn1 Become member of the queue with service ID nnnn

Leave queue with service ID nnnn

*85 Echo extension

Block caller ID (CLIR)


Show main number as telephone number

**86 Show telephone number incl.direct dial (CLIP)
*87 Subscribe to Skill-set
**87 Unsubscribe to Skill-set
*9+Project Number Define a project number for outbound calls. (Note: The project number is only valid for the very next outbound call)
Function codes for conference rooms during an active conference.  
** Help
*2 Activate or deactivate mute
*3 Express your needs
*5 Activate or deactivate mute of all participant

Lock the conference

1) nnnn is the four digit Service ID with leading zeros (0). For example, in a callgroup, IVR, eFax, etc. This means: is the Service ID "1", "0001" must be entered when entering the function code.