3.1. Overview

You can use various features of the telephone system via the end device as well as via Ncontrol or the administration portal (also refer to the administration portal manual).

You will find the following options under the Menu key:


In order to access the menu, press the following keys:

- Press into the middle of the control key.

- Open the info centre.

- Here you will find the PBX control.


Alternatively, you can place the PBX control on one of the keys under the display.

- In order to do this, press and hold one of the keys for 3 seconds and select PBX control.

Call settings

Call waiting indication: define whether this function should be activated.

(optional, depending on settings on the administration portal) Timeout: set the ringing time.

(optional, depending on settings on the administration portal) Intercom: the intercom function enables speaking directly to a linked extension through the system, without dial tone and ring tone.

Caller ID block: set your entire number to be shown to the party being called, the switchboard number to be displayed or all caller ID information to be blocked.

Call forwarding: activate the function Call forwarding

Parallel call: configure another telephone or your mobile phone to ring in addition to your telephone when a call comes in. You can then answer the call with one of the two telephones.

Call forwarding: profiles

Here you can select your preconfigured call forwarding profiles.

For details, please refer to the Ncontrol manual.

You can edit the default profile directly via your device.

For details, please click here.

Telephone settings

  • Automatic redialling
  • Suggests number (if necessary, remove function)
  • Ring tone
  • Define as primary device
  • Logoff


Queues can be enabled or disabled; for set-up see administration portal manual)



Use the navigation keys to mark the desired selection and press  or the respective soft keys.