1.1. Telephone overview

Gigaset N510 IP PRO

Key Key function
1 Registration / paging key



Action Functions of the registration / paging key of the base station
Lights up LAN connection active (phone is connected to router)
Flashes Data transfer to LAN connection or base in registration mode
Press briefly

Launch paging (handset search), display IP address of the base
on the handset

Press and hold
(ca. 5 seconds)Set base to registra

Press and hold
(ca. 5 seconds)
Set base to registration mode. LED flashes at one-second

DECT handset Gigaset S650H

Key Key function
1 Display
2 Status bar
3 Volume keys
4 Display keys
5 End call key, on / off key
6 Message key
7 Profile key
8 Hash key (keypad lock)
9 USB connection socket
10 Microphone
11 Star key
12 Headset connection
13 Key 1, can be assigned with the voicemail function
14 R-key (e.g. consultation and connect)
15 Talk key / handsfree key
16 Control key / menu key



Other handsets function similarly to the DECT handset Gigaset S650H.

For detailed information, please refer to the manufacturer's operating manual.