1. Requirements and notes

In order to use this IP telephone with your telephone system you will need a sound broadband connection.

Please change the admin password after installation.

  • The basic prerequisite for the use of the DECT solution with the telephone system (autoprovisioning) is an existing firmware version of at least 240. If you have a DECT base station with an older firmware, it would need to be updated manually. New devices purchased via NFON, are always equipped with the current firmware and do not have to be updated. You can check the current firmware version of your DECT base station by selecting "Basic settings" in the menu of the handset and then "Software version".
  • You can make 4 parallel calls per base station.
  • You can register up to 6 handsets (R650H, S650H, SL750H) on one base station.
  • The default language of the handsets is English. In order to change the language to German, follow the next steps. Click on menu > settings > language > Deutsch.