4. Call waiting and toggling calls

If you are already in a call, the LEDs on the conference telephone light up green (continuous light). A call waiting tone indicates a second call is coming in.

- Place the active call on "Hold” by pressing the “Hold" softkey during the active call.

- You can now accept the incoming call by pressing the "Call key" or the "Answer" softkey.

The other party is now on "Hold” and hears the telephone system’s hold music.

- You can now press the softkey “More" and then “Merge”, to start a conference call with all parties (maximum 3-way call). You can also end the incoming call by pressing the “End" softkey and pressing "Continue" to return to the call previously placed on hold. Or use the "Transfer" softkey to transfer the call to another person.

With all parties on "hold" simply use the navigation keys  and to browse up and down between the parties and return to the respective party by pressing the “Continue" softkey.

This feature is referred to as “toggle”, which allows you to switch between various active connections. Only the parties in the call, which is currently active, can speak with each other. The waiting party is “holding" and hears the telephone system’s hold music until the the call is continued.

- To end a call, simply press the "Call key or the “End” softkey.