A. Process for integrating XCAPI

- Contact the support team, to discuss XCAPI integration. The support team is on call by the telephone number 0800 6366 555. State your customer number (K-number). The support team will be pleased to accept your enquiry concerning SIP account data.

- NFON then sends you the declaration of consent for releasing SIP data. Complete this form and return the signed form.

- Once NFON has received the signed consent form, the support team sets up the XCAPI end device in the telephone system.

- After setting up the XCAPI end device, the support team sends you the SIP user data for the XCAPI end device via email.

- Install the respective XCAPI software on your end.

Details about software configuration can be found starting on page 2 under “Configuration”.

XCAPI is manufactured by TE-Systems. For more information visit: http://www.te-systems.de Find reference sources, support information, installation instructions, compatibility lists on this link.

The XCAPI is a pure CAPI 2.0- range software solution and therefore, provide all features of a classic ISDN card regardless of the hardware. This is additional software that is needed for integrating a fax-server-solution. The software needs to be bought at TE-Systems seperately. The purchase of the software does not correlate with the activation costs for XCAPI on the PBX.

XCAPI is the all-in-one solution for your interface to the world of VoIP. It supports a number of performance features of the IP infrastructure.Unavailable performance features are in part simulated by XCAPI and are therefore also available to the application.

Fax applications such as Ferrari Fax or David.fx for instance, can be used with XCAPI regardless of the capacities of the infrastructure. Scalability and interoperability are the perfect combination to seamlessly integrate your fax server into the world of IP communication.