B. Initial operation

Initial operation of Patton devices:

1. When ordering Patton devices from NFON, the device is automatically added to the NFON telephone system.Therefore, please first check whether or not the MAC address already exists on your NFON administration portal (portal.nfon.com) under “ELEMENTS / Devices”.

If not, please add a new device (Add new device > Patton).


2. After adding the device, the port 0 is automaticly generated. If you want to add more ports then add the desired number of ports under “ELEMENTS / Devices” (Add new device > Patton > Port).
There, please select the MAC address for the Patton ATA under “Base station”. Under “Port”, please select the port you wish to activate.


3. After adding the device and activating the port, please add a new phone extension for the Patton ATA under “Targets / Add new target/ phone extension”. There, please select the MAC address + port number for the Patton ATA under “Phone Device”.


4. Now, connect the analogue devices to the activated ports on the Patton ATA (FXS*).


5. Then connect the Patton ATA to your network using the respective connection cable.


6. Now as a last step, connect the mains unit / power supply to the Patton ATA.


*) FXS (Foreign Exchange Station) is an interface used to connect analogue devices (also referred to as “POTS”:Plain Old Telephone Service).

It can take a few minutes until the Patton ATA is ready for use, given that the configuration must be downloaded first. This can take up to 15 minutes.