B. Initial operation

Linksys SPA2102 initial operation

1. When ordering the Linksys SPA2102 from your provider, the device is automatically registered to the telephone system. Therefore, please check whether or not the MAC address is already registered on your administration portal (portal.nfon.net) under “ELEMENTS / Devices” first. If not, please add a new device.


2. After adding the device, please add a new phone extension for the Linksys ATA under “Targets”. There, please select the MAC address for the Linksys ATA under “Phone Device”.


3. Now, connect the analogue end device to the Linksys ATA (RJ-11). In doing so, it is important to use the “PHONE 1” port.

The SIP account is only configured for “PHONE 1” port, so that NO additional end device can be connected to “PHONE 2” port!

4. Now, connect the LAN cable (RJ-45) to the Linksys ATA. In doing so, it is important to use the “INTERNET” port.

Please do NOT plug the LAN cable into the “ETHERNET” port!

5. Now, connect the 5V power supply to the Linksys ATA.

It can take a few minutes until the Linksys ATA is ready for use, given that the configuration must be downloaded first.

This can take up to 15 minutes.

The Linksys SPA2102 is ready for use once the status LEDs “Power”, “INTERNET” and “PHONE 1” remain lit.The “INTERNET” LED may not stay lit but only flash sporadically.This depends on the data traffic for your Internet connection.

Please note that the SPA2102 only supports block dialling.That is, after entering the full telephone number and confirming the selector key, a connection is established.
The telephone number is then transmitted in one block.