A. General information

The Linksys SPA2102 connects analogue telephones and door openers with IP-based data networks. This allows analogue end devices to be connected to the nfon telephone system.
A POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service Port) on the SPA2102 is used to connect an existing analogue telephone or door opener.You provide the connection from your network (LAN) at the office to the nfon telephone system via a 100BaseT RJ-45 Ethernet interface (LAN-WAN).

The SPA2102 converts voice communication into data packets for transmission via your IP network.

Thanks to the international standards for voice- and data networks, the SPA2102 ensures reliable operation.

Please note that there are specific network requirements, to ensure smooth communication with the nfon telephone system.For more information on network requirements/configuration, please refer to the “Plug & Play leaflet”.

If you use an analogue fax machine, we recommend ATAs (Analogue Telephone Adapter) from Patton.

This brand is extremely reliable for fax use.