2. Cordless headsets

Overview of all currently distributed telephones


Overview of all telephones that have been certified

Telephone ConnectionHeadset
6737i / 6755i / 6753i

+ DHSG Cable Kit (only 675xi)

Savi 710 / 720 / 730 / 740 / 745
CS 510 / 520 / 530 / 540
Aastra CEHS-DHSG ‌Sennheiser
DW Pro 1 / 2 (PHONE or EU)


The old Plantronics CS product line (e.g.: CS70N) requires the APS-1 EHS adapter.

After installing the headset on Mitel telephones, you have to activate DHSG under the telephone’s audio settings and change the audio mode to “Headset/Speaker”. The audio settings for the telephone can be found in the menu (tool key on the telephone) under 2.Presettings / 5.Audio Settings. Restart the telephone.

When using the EHS adapter with Mitel telephones, you cannot use a keypad add-on with the telephone, given that the connection on the telephone is being used for the headset.

To connect Mitel telephones with Sennheiser headsets, ensure that the switches 1 and 4 are activated in the back of the basis. Furthermore ensure that the Sennheiser Firmware is up to date.