C. Initial operation

Cisco SPA112 initial operation

When ordering the Cisco SPA112 from your provider, the device is automatically registered to the telephone system. Therefore, please check whether or not the MAC address is already registered on your administration portal (portal.nfon.net) under ELEMENTS / Devices first. If not, please add a new device and select Cisco SPA112 from the list.

- After adding the device, add a new phone extension for the Cisco ATA under Targets.

- Select the MAC address for the ATA under Phone Device.

- Connect the analogue end device to the ATA (RJ-11). It is important to use the PHONE 1 port.


Set up a second port

If you want to operate a second port, configure the second port in the administration portal. It is necessary to have an ATA already set up as a device in the administration portal.

- Click on Devices in the Elements menu.

- Click on Add new Device.

- Click on Cisco and select SPA112-Port.


⇒The entry mask opens.

- Enter the MAC address of your Cisco SPA112 under Base.

- Choose the respective port on the right side. Please note that the numbering of ports in the administration portal starts with port1.

- Write down the port number to connect the port in a second step with your extension.

- Click on Save.

⇒The Cisco SPA112 is now set up as a device in the administration portal. The port is configured.


You have two options to connect the port with an extensions in the administration portal:

  • Set up a new extension and enter the data of the Cisco112.
  • Alternatively connect the Cisco112 to an existing extension.

Find details to set up a new extension in the administration portal here.

Please make sure you connect your desktop telephone to the right port. You have assigned a port to your extension via the administration portal. Therefore, the phone number of your extension is assigned to the port.

Getting the Cisco SPA112 ready for usage

The Cisco SPA112 is ready for use once the status LEDs Power, INTERNET and PHONE 1 remain lit. The INTERNET LED may not stay lit but only flash sporadically. This depends on the data traffic for your Internet connection.

- Connect the 5V power supply to the ATA.

The SPA112 only supports block dialling. That is, after entering the full telephone number and confirming the selector key, a connection is established. The telephone number is then transmitted in one block.