F. Examples

Automatic alarm in a hospital

With an automatic alarm system, the person in need can be assured that the appropriate helper is notified. Emergency calls can be signaled with an accoustic sound and display information containing the location of the person in need can be transfered.  The call has to be receipted by the receiver, otherwise the emergency chain continues to proceed. If the call is receipted, automatic listening can be activated, e.g. to hear help screams or other emergency sounds.


Via activation of interfering contacts / emergency stops etc. appropriate personell can be reached to repair the defect device in no time. An emergengy conference can be build up to talk about further measurements with a specific group of persons. Hence, the defect device can be deactivated immediately and downtime minimized. 

Banking sector

An emergency conference will be initated. In order to reach all necessary people, an emergency sound is signaled to everyone occupied with other calls. The calls are stopped as soon as possible to enable the person to participate in the emergency conference.


Via activation of interference contacts / emergency stops, the DAKS is able to manage a common internal and external coordination of an emergency case. This includes evacuation plans and the integration of external rescue parties.